Outfit: Not Just Black & White

Went for the last time (this year) to college, had to sign some grades and I'm officially on vacations therefor I'm not posting as often cause I pretty much only dressed for classes, vacations for me is sleeping all day and staying up all night designing random stuff. Anyways, I didn't sleep at all last night so as soon as I got home fell asleep, then when to my boyfriends and we played Pokemon Battle Revolution <3 and that was it, tomorrow is a friends wedding and I still have no idea what to wear cause the only dress I have is white so I don't know. Oh and I have a new beanie <3 black! finally!... that's it :) more photos below

The tights were a gift from my aunt, apparently she likes my way to dress and wanted to contribute with tights <3 I bought the beanie yesterday I had been needing the black one and the rest you've already seen it in past posts